Actress/Singer Zendaya sat down with Music Choice about collaborating with Chris Brown on her new single “Something New”:

“Basically how that happened was I know a friend. I have a family friend who knows Chris and he introduced me to him and I went to the studio, while he was recording his album, with my parents and I was like ‘Hey bro, like, I just want your advice I want you to listen to my music and you know, if you want to be on something, I want you to pick what you want to be on. And he happened to pick the one that I already wanted to be my single anyway, so it just was meant to be. Then he did his verse and sent it over and I was like, ‘What?! This is dope! Now I have to go re-record everything I just did and do it better because I can’t let my big bro now show me up on my first song. So I had to come hard, so I had to re-record it.’ ”

What Fans Cans Expect on Her Upcoming Album:

“I think my new album I think it’s going to surprise a lot of people in a in a good way cause the entire album is you hearing me grow up and find out who I am and you hearing me go through things and I think that now that I’m more mature and I’m a woman and I’m coming into my womanhood. You can hear that throughout the songs, throughout the music and kind of understand, I guess, you can say my journey as a woman so I think that a lot of people will be able to connect with that and also I think like again,. it will surprise people. I don’t think people are ready! I don’t think you ready! I don’t have a title or a release date yet. It’s still floating, but basically all the music is done. I just got to put my finishing touches on it, pick the songs and then put it out.”

“Something New” out now on iTunes.



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