Game 1 of last night’s Fightball game was off the chain. 8 ballers shooting hoops for a chance to win $10K for the game and the $100K championship. Some fought hard and some felt defeated, but it was a game to talk about. Here were last night’s players:

The 6’5″ Chicago native is a “tough nose” type of player who loves to play above the rim. This kid can dunk, windmills and all. He got cut by the Bulls this summer and has played in some NBDL teams as well as overseas. Before that, he was a college star at Quincy University. His story is interesting because he almost lost his life a couple of years back. He was in a coma and learned how to walk again after he came out of it. Now, he’s flying in Fightball.
E. Will as they call him, is representing the West Coast, from Long Beach, California. Growing up in a gang ridden area, E. Will used playing ball as his out from the gang life, something that some of his family members were not so lucky to escape. The former overseas player is hungry, tough and a hard player and ready to show why he’s one of the favorites.
Known as the “Bronx Lima”, Dusan is from a tough neighborhood in Novi Sad, Serbia and is ranked the #1 3 on 3 player in the world, according to FIBA standings. He came to NYC to play Fightball and try his hand at 1 on 1.
The 5’9″ Queens native is a former St. John’s guard. “The Pitbull” was known as the heart and soul of his college team. A fierce competitior and a natural leader, Malik will be a local favorite.
DC native and Kevin Durant’s adopted brother. Known for his pretty boy looks and the fact he dated pop queen Rihanna last year, but that’ snot what it’s all about. His story is about him, as a kid, being adopted by KD and living in his shadow whike trying to make his own name. Cliff has played overseas in the past and college ball at Western Kentucky University
The 6’6″ player plays above the rim any time he gets close to the basket. From Long Island, the former Rutgers University star fell short of both the NBA and NBDL, so his personal feeling towards the NBA not picking him leaves him no choice but to be on a mission to win this whole event to prove a point and make his mark in the world of basketball.
The Philadelphia native is tough as nails and plays very physical on the court. The difference between him and some of the other players is that he’s played in almost every 1 on 1, 3 on 3 and even 2 on 2 tournament and has either won or lost in the championship game. This is his type of game.
The 6’5″ Brooklyn native is known for the first Fightball tournament where he won “Dunk of the Night”. Known for his moniker “Money Ova Fame”, he was Nike’s NY Summer League Player of the Year and played college ball at Florida International University for coach Isaiah Thomas.

In attendance for the game was Miss Info, Tek from Smif-N-Wessun and a special performance from A$AP Ferg.

It was a tough game but it came down to Marvin Roberts, who dominated a neck and neck game with E. Will  and at the end, came out on top as last night’s champion of Game 1, walking out $10K richer.

Even though DJ Clark Kent is the official DJ of Fightball since the game first started, he is still a spectator of the sport. “Marvin was my favorite player because for one, I’m a Brooklyn guy,” he says. “Two, is because he was shooting the lights out and he went on some good streaks doing so. My highlight of the night is actually the whole thing. We have been waiting to do this now for almost a year.We did this last year and the fact that it came and it went and we’ll do it all again tomorrow and next week. That’s dope. I’m the musical director of the game and we’re gonna make shit crackin’!”

If you are tech savvy, catch Game 2 tonight on Snapchat. If you don’t have it, go get it and watch these ballers play for that money! See you on the court!


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