Friday night, the line for Game 2 of Fightball was a crazy one and who can blame it. It was even more hectic and intense than Thursday, considering a lot of emotions were running high in the first game. Here is the recap:

First Game: Harlem’s own Steven Ruple, Jr. aka “The Babyface Assassin” went against DMV’s Andrew “Spongebob” Washington and dominated at first. a fight nearly broke out with some of the opposing fans of the two, but the chaos had ceased and Spongebob came back hard and won the round, 11-9.

Second Game: Rich Ross, another Harlem native, and Tyrell “Ty” Murphy came to play and went head to head with excellent defense from both players, but Ty Murphy advances, 16-13.

Third Game: Bronx native and Reigning Fightball champion Mike Tuitt and “Kill Bill” (aka Florida native Ronnie Battle) battled it out, but it was Tuitt who won the match, 9-6.

Fourth Game: The battle of the Beasts. Queens native William McFarland “The American Beast” and “The Brazilian Beast” Leandro De Lima both played an interesting game but De Lima beat McFarland, 16-8, and advances to the semifinals.

First Game: Spongebob was too much for Ty Murphy and advanced to the finals, 12-8

Second Game: The match of the century. Tuitt and De Lima played an intense match that had the crowd on its feet and brought it to a tiebreaker. It was De Lima who took out the champ with a ball blocking point score, advancing him to play Spongebob in the finals, 12-11.

Spongebob came ready to play and wins the Fightball match against De Lima, bringing Spongebob home with $10K.

To check out more highlights of Fightball check out their YouTube page and stay tuned for the $100K championship on Snapchat this Thursday!


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