Last week, the battle was on at the final game of Fightball at SIR Studio 37, where the athletic semi-finalists from games 1 & 2 go head to head for a chance to go home with $100K.

The contenders of the game were:

Fightball 02 Winner Andrew Washington vs. Malik Booth
Eric Williams vs. Fightball 00 Winner Mike Tuitt
Fightball 01 Winner Marvin Roberts vs. Tymell Murphy
Leandro De Lima vs. J.J. Moore

All players put up a great fight, but the question remained: Who really came for the money?

It all boiled down to a rematch between Spongebob and De Lima, but Spongebob proved victor of the grand prize.

That’s wasn’t all, folks! There was a surprise guests in the house such as Victor Cruz, Yes Julz, producer Metro Boomin and Harlem World’s Ma$e with a surprise performance from Pusha T.

Big thanks to Coltrane Curtis & Marisa McWilliams at Team Epiphany and Heineken for the hospitality! The tournament was all that! I definitely enjoyed myself.

Until next year!


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