Serayah McNeill is best known for her role as singer Tiana Brown on the television show Empire.  She sits down with Music Choice and speaks on Season 2 and share how the show changed her life.

On Being Tiana:

“What I love most about portraying Tiana is…getting to be a diva! *laughs* ‘Cause she’s…she does things and says things I would never say so it’s cool to be in, I guess, live in her light. Also, too, performing on these great sets that they set up for my performance scenes are amazing so it’s really inspiring playing her.”
How “Empire” Changed Her Life:

“Being on ‘Empire’ has like changed my life like dramatically. I think…in the biggest way it‘s helped a lot of dreams come true for me. I was modeling and trying to get a theatrical agent on the side and going to school and working so it’s really a lot different now. “
“Empire” Season 2 Hints:

“I think fans will really get closure from the second half of the second season because I think a lot of people are confused about the storylines and things like that, but it’s gonna come full circle…and I’m really excited for my fans to see my performance scenes, and I think all the scenes are gonna look great…So I’m excited!”
Serayah’s Music vs. Tiana’s Music:

“The difference between the music style for me and Tiana, I think, is…just message. I love to perform. Tiana performs. I love ya know upbeat tracks. I love pop music. I love rhythmic pop music. Um so we have a lot in common, but I think I’m gonna have more of a message with my music and um more of me in my music. I think I just had…got asked a question like that yesterday…I was like, “I don’t think Tiana would sing my music because, umm, because it wouldn’t make sense for her and what she believes in and how she is’ so yeah…”


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