Hailing from Kansas City, MO, BLKFLANL is a hiphop group consisting of emcee Barrel Maker and producer Conductor Williams with a unique approach to their creative process and a high energy live show, BLKFLANL has it’s sight set on one thing: culture building.

The duo joined forces to bridge the gaps between raw, soulful sounds and high level lyricism; connecting with listeners through strong melodies and thought-provoking content. BLKFLANL strives to create high level art and have impact that reaches far beyond any venue or IPod- once again, it’s all about culture building.

Drawing influence from everyday life and artists such as Madlib and Nas, BLKFLANL takes a less-is-more approach when creating their music. No flash, no gimmicks, no viral dances. Simply honest, raw hip hop.

The duo has returned with its 2nd full length album, BLKFLANL II: For the Imperfect, For The Dilligent is available now on iTunes.


Follow Shamika Sanders on Twitter and be sure to tune in to The Miss Independent Show with yours truly coming soon Sundays only on 100.1 The Heat!


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