Sultry Songstress Tanay Jackson is causing quite a stir in the music industry. The only daughter of Tito Jackson and the niece of megastar Michael Jackson, launches a new campaign to show the world just what she’s got going for her…and that’s a lot. Like her uncle, Jackson combines exciting, evocative songwriting with expressive and energetic stage routines. Reviews say “she looks incredible onstage…a great performer.” Coming off her sizzling hot single “Addicted” Ms. Jackson releases her highly anticipated new single “Take It Off”.

Not only is Ms. Jackson a multi talented singer, songwriter who plays the piano, she is also a director. She directed “Take It Off” and has plans to direct a lot more videos. She has been exploding in the industry with her previously released music videos “Naughty Girls Need Love” and “Spotlight” which garnered praise from critics and fans alike. Her winning formula has been creating relatable music and being true to herself which has allowed her to amass a loyal fanbase.

Ms. Jackson is not just impacting the states she is also taking the world by storm with a strong overseas following, she has performed in Holland, Amsterdam, France, and in Romania at the Crystal Music Fest (Isai, Romania). She stated, “Romania is one of the countries that still recognize my uncle, truly loves my uncle, and to continue on the legacy they have asked me to come and perform, which is an honor that many has not received.”

Ms. Jackson is also a successful entrepreneur, she is the CEO and President of Roth Entertainment and Lunar Music. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management in 2006.

When asked what was Ms. Jackson’s inspiration for her new single she states, ‘My inspiration for “Take It Off” was sex and taking off anything negative in life.’

Tanay Jackson has been hard at work recording music, taking interviews and gracing the red carpet at celebrity functions and industry mixers.


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