St. Ivan, “Mr. Terrible” is a long time veteran in the rap game. Hailing from the birthplace of Hip Hop (the South Bronx), Ivan has always been very much involved with every aspect of the “culture.” He started out his early years beat-boxing for his friends and banging on lunch room tables, providing beats for them as they rapped in ciphers. He himself would dabble with free-styling, and to his friends’ surprise & amazement, one day he unleashed.

Looking up to some of the greats at that time (the year being 1986), he wrote his first rhyme at the age of 13, and Ivan began to travel down the road of perfecting his craft. Everything that he puts his hands to do, he does with a “take no prisoners” mentality. From the streets, to the microphone, Ivan brings to the game a no nonsense style. Professionally, St. Ivan has had the opportunity of signing with two major labels (Zomba/Jive & Arista).

Formerly part of a group which consisted of his old graffiti partner; and he also was a rhyming partner to the late PH (Pumpkinhead), while DJ Haze/Black Wall Street (was their one time Producer/DJ). In process of time, the group began to severe due to personal/business differences, during which time, St. Ivan himself started to spiral down a path that most Black & Latino young men do not come back from.

The stories are the same; hustling, robbing, stealing, violence, and drugs. St. Ivan began to see a lot of his childhood/neighborhood friends pass away. Not just in the Bronx, but around the city in which he developed alliances throughout the 5 boroughs. Ivan began to be more focused in his Faith and started to bury his gift untrl he met someone who encouraged him to continue to pursue his dreams and utilize those talents God had blessed him with.

He’s been involved with groups before and now he has determined within himself to apply those same ethics and hard work as a soloist. We have yet to witness the full potential of this multi faceted artist.

This is the first song being released from St. Ivan’s upcoming project, Destined for Greatness. Produced by Gwop Sullivan, “Show Me The Way” is a song of redemption, humility, and perseverance. The single will soon to be released on iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, and other music download outlets.


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