On August 13th, foodie bloggers, Industry Socialites, & Dessert Lovers filled the room to support the official Launch of Dessert company SweetsbySteez.

Giving patrons an orgasmic experience with the sweet side of life, Steez created several different treats that was described as Delicious, exotic, and extremely sexy. While nibbling on SweetsbySteez and sipping Stolen Rum, the event goers jammed to DJ Versatile. The night ended with a heartfelt thanks from Steez and balloons flying high. In October Desert Creator Steez will be introducing his exotic Chicken in waffles.

Steez is a self-taught home baker with deep southern roots out of Brooklyn, NY. He’s been watching his mom bake growing up since he could remember and was always fascinated by the magic behind it. Once Steez was old enough to be allowed to use an oven he began to start baking things of his own and often times it didn’t work out but as he grew in love with the craft of baking he got better with the help of his mom. Steez would only bake for his family around the house and for the holidays and etc, but in 2014 he was convinced to make a living off of it and shortly after that he gave it a shot. He created a Instagram page and started to post his work and began to receive orders little by little and that’s how Sweets by Steez was born. He likes to think of his sweets as works of art , “Pretty” as he likes to say because it’s all about the presentation except this presentation you’ll devour because it tastes every bit of amazing!

Watch the video here.

Make sure you follow his page for more details: www.sweetsbysteez.com | IG

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