Fashion designer Tom Ford decided to present his Fall 2016/2017 Menswear and Womenswear collections today to coincide with the delivery of the clothes in his store, thus closing the gap between runway and retail. The collection will be available to but immediately from the runway, online and in-store, same day as the presentation of the collection. In order to do so, Ford has cancelled all press appointments during NYFW in February.

“In a world that has become increasingly immediate, the current way of showing a collection 4 months before it is available to customers is an adequate idea and one that no longer makes sense,” Ford explains. “We have been living with a fashion calendar and system that is from another era. Out customers today want a collection that is immediately available. Fashion shows and the traditional fashion calendar, as we know them, no longer work in the way they once did. We spend an enormous amount of money and energy to stage and event that creates excitement too far in advance of when the collection is available to the consumer. Showing the collection as it arrives in stores will remedy this, and allow the excitement that is created by a show or event to drive sales and satisfy out customers’ increasing desire to have their clothes as they are ready to wear them.”

Ford has been experimenting with different formats to tradistional fashion shows for the past few seasons. For Fall 2015, he presented his show before the oscars in L.A., and this past season, he presented his Spring 2016 Collection with a virtual fashion show featuring Lady Gaga and directed by Nick Knight. Fall 2016 will mark the first time that Ford will show both collections when they are available in stores.

Tune in to the Tom Ford Runway show streaming LIVE tonight at 9:15 EDT on only on


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