DJ Ty Adams

With knowledge in several genres of music, Ty Adams is able to impeccably blend in and out of each to create the perfect mix that will ultimately compliment any private or corporate event. Over the years, he has spun at some of New York’s most exclusive events and venues for some of the most elite clients from the entertainment, sports and corporate sectors. Since holding a three year residency (2005 – 2008) at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club (NYC), Ty Adams has found himself in demand for some of the most high-profile events throughout the New York tri-state area which included: Beyonce’s “B-Day” birthday party, Alex Rodriguez’s surprise birthday party as well as his yearly charity fundraising Poker tournaments and several after-parties and premiere parties for MTV Networks, The FX Network, The Oxygen Network, ESPN Networks and Jay-Z, Nick Lachey, Mariah Carey and many more.

In 2009, Ty joined New York’s Scratch Academy as an event DJ and since has been spinning at several retail and fashion events. He has been featured on and as well as an appearance on the New York morning show “Good Day New York” as a guest DJ.

Ty Adams began honing his skills on the turntables in 1996 in his bedroom and it wasn’t until college, four years later, that he actually learned the science of meticulously “rocking” a party. Once in college, Ty linked with the DJs that were behind most of the parties and events taking place on campus. While shadowing them, he learned the many aspects of djing parties and events. With such knowledge and a strong crew behind him, Ty soon began to make a name for himself on campus by successfully djing a few parties and events of his own. Thanks to a few connections, Ty and the members of his DJ crew would go on to establish themselves within the entertainment industry by djing several events that included a fashion show by Marc Ecko and the 2004 Hot 97 (New York) Summer Jam festival. 

Later in 2004 as luck what have it, Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club was looking for a resident DJ thus one member of the team, DJ Poun, auditioned for the position and landed it thus bringing in Ty as an assistant DJ. As the 40/40 Club franchise expanded to Atlantic City and later Las Vegas, members of the crew branched out to each location with Ty remaining in New York-where he would play to thousands every weekend and where he had the opportunity to play for celebrities and corporate clients alike. 

Though he is definitely known to “rock” parties, store-openings, fashion events and anything & everything in between, Ty Adams’ versatility as a DJ extends far beyond that as he can also be found performing behind artists and bands throughout the New York underground music scene. He is very passionate about his career thus he ensures his clients are always more than satisfied with his performance. As he consistently looks for different ways to challenge himself, Ty Adams will continue to make strides in his career so pay attention and listen very intently as this DJ will be seen and heard!


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