Ken Wood

Ken Wood started DJing since the early 80’s doing high school sets and neighborhood parties at hotspots like the The Sound Factory & The Hole In The Wall. This led him to start developing his business skills by producing, marketing, and distributing his own series of mix tapes throughout the entire city.

Needing a bigger outlet to push his product, led him to open a record store in the famous MP Flea Market, on the corner of Madison and Pulaski, one of the busiest intersections on the West side, DJ Ken Wood went under the name Kicking Kenny aka PrimeTime, a name given by a promoter named Randy.

“I always wanted the prime time to play,” he said. “And he was right.” Kenny went back to DJ Ken Wood coming up under the Great Ron Hardy, playing with him at Navy Pier, Ray Barney of Dance Mania Records and Gene Hunt. “Gene and I would make tracks and play them at the party’s on a tape deck with a pitch control.” Ken explains. “Gene was famous for using a reel to reel to play his tracks.” Since then, Ken went on to put out more mixes. “He put a lot of djs on,” Ken said. Ken Wood is still working with music, DJing and putting out tracks and mixes playing on CHIRADIO.COM as one of the featured DJs playing classics and House music.

He is the Man In Charge.


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