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@nuyoricansoul Starring Adeva – “I Deserve To Breathe”

“What’s going on in my world?”

A simple lyric in the form of a question filled with enough ambiguity to encourage personal, beautiful interpretation. Whose world are we referring to – the macro world or a more individualized universe? Are those questions even relevant? More often than not, a small mutation in one world greatly influences the other and vice versa. The larger universe and our individual experiences are connected at the hip. As one goes, so does its partner.

The debut single, “I Deserve to Breathe,” off of Louie Vega’s upcoming new album, brings together for the first time Vega and house music icon, Adeva, who garnered pop and radio success in the UK while gaining acclaim stateside with an epic cover of Aretha’ Franklin classic, “Respect.” Adeva’s vocal interpretation of the lyrics, co-written by Lem Springsteen (formerly of production duo Mood II Swing) and songstress/singer Leah Lorien, is so intricate and so full of life that it acts as an instrument in the song itself. She floats between sharp winding falsettos and deep percussive chants; all masterfully blended to create a momentous musical back and forth. Adeva and her powerful vocals are in complete control the entire time; they know exactly what sounds, pitches and melodies the song needs.

Furthermore, the production feats that Vega and Springsteen collaborated to achieve are nothing short of spectacular. Their output will be a joy to all listeners because they created a grooving sonic experience, but more importantly, they created a rallying cry for the world and believing individuals within. Before hitting play, listeners will feel a hint of empowerment and reclaimed justice in the air because of the song’s title. Breathe is no longer a quotidian nor dull word in today’s vernacular, its suggested emotions and imagery are razor sharp and can reopen wounds. I Can’t Breathe. I Deserve to Breathe. Art has always had the power to provide unimagined perspective. The prevalent discourse of today’s social issues is a nasty mixture of polarizing perspectives, frivolous commentary on social networks and a general lack of humanity. Art acts from the heart. “I Deserve to Breathe” has a simple message, Fight with Love. Love is important, but our times also necessitate a brave and proactive fight. Fighting without love is dangerous. The tension is intentional, but not obvious. To benefit from art, one must pay attention. The lyrical content of “I Deserve to Breathe” commands such attention. And that’s just one layer of this cake. The song believes in giving back. So in a time when it can help to disconnect from the media and its portrayal of and commentary on the social issues we care about, spend time with Louie Vega’s latest single featuring a flawless vocal performance by Adeva and download the song and hear for yourself the reasons why we all deserve to breathe.

Click here to hear and purchase “I Deserve To Breathe”



VIDEO: Belle feat. Mani Miles & @tonisteelz – “Nah Wah Problems” (produced by @RONBROWZ)

New Brooklyn heat for these streets! Staten Island’s own Last American B-Boy directs the video to the Ron Browz-produced track, “Nah Wah Problems” with Belle (who hauntingly sounds just like The Notorious B.I.G.) featuring hardcore beauty Mani Miles and award winning female MC, Toni Steelz. Keep a sharp eye on the video for a few cameos as well.

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@DaFlik – “Good Times” (Produced by @Rediculus)

“Toast my glass to the good times I had” is how Konflik starts off “Good Times”, Thought Foundry’s new song about their journey into the music business, and the success they’ve enjoyed so far.

Layers of guitar licks and harmonicas pulse over the track provided by group producer Rediculus as Konflik spits about his rise to being a professional MC and the things he enjoys now that he’s reached this level. As he tells us he’s going go “go harder than Johnny Manziel’s reputation” he confidently flexes his pen to craft punch lines that reinforce his claims of superiority over other rappers.

“Good Times” is the 2nd single off their debut EP, aptly titled Ready for This, which was released on Platformz Records earlier this month. Download the Platformz app here which gives you the ability to stream music from more than one site in one location.

Look for the debut visual from Thought Foundry as well as an East Coast tour this fall and music available exclusively thru the Platformz app as well.

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@therapmartyr – Back By Popular Demand

Skanks the Rap Martyr straight out of Crown Heights, Brooklyn releases his new offering, Back by Popular Demand. He is the co-founding member of the super group Bankai Fam. The set features an array of new joints with close affiliates; Bankai Fam, Dirt Platoon & Ruste Juxx. Interview snippets from DJ Premier’s Live from Headquarters show give us a further insight into the Bankai Fam Emcee’s world! At age 12 Skanks was known as Problem Child and opened up for MC Lyte on numerous US tours & after many independent releases over the years, while building up a worldwide following, Skanks inked a deal with France’s Shinigamie records. Partnering with Kyo Itachi they released the On My Side EP by Bankai Fam & his solo LP, The Shinigamie Flowfessional both to critical acclaim. Back by Popular Demand is a dope collection of joints with production handled by Endemic Emerald, Kyo Itachi & more.



@TheSeasonLI13 – The 631 EP

The Season’s 631 EP is a very personal project by design. Over high quality beats produced by Stigmata, The Season let’s his listeners into his life. Right out of the gate he makes a statement on the intro and title track, “631,” stating mistakes he has made and his new approach when it comes to making his music. With the help of fellow Long Islanders Tha Kid Jae (3H), Isaiah (VMR), Lifestat (VMR), Alphamale (3H), and Status (3H), The Season and Stigmata deliver a multi-dimensional ep, continuing the trend of high quality music coming from Long Island following the releases of Alphamale’s “All Sides of Alpha”, and Lifestat’s “Significant”.

The 631 EP out now on datpiff.


dean x eric

VIDEO: @deanfluenza x @ericbellinger – “I’m Not Sorry”

South Korean Vocalist Dean premieres new single “I’m Not Sorry” featuring Eric Bellinger, a vibrant Hiphop/R&B club track with an undercurrent of DJ influences.

Now more than ever, the recipe for superstardom requires much more than just talent. To get a taste of the flashing lights, fandemonioum, and accolades of today’s career artist, one must also possess equal parts moxie, artistic range, relentless hustle, and the ever elusive X factor. South Korean Singer-songwriter 22-year-old Dean undoubtedly embodies all the components of this equation. It’s apparent as he stands on the precipice of a breakthrough with the release of his stunning new album on Universal Records – a collection of tunes certain to set the industry abuzz in 2015. Covering a myriad of styles ranging from rock, pop, EDM, hip hop, garage and soul, the album is a journey through the soul of a passionate vocalist with an incomparable lyrical panache. Attracting the attention of vocalists such as Motown recording artist Mila J, singer-songwriter Eric Bellinger (Beyonce, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown), and buzzworthy hip hop artist Anderson Paak,

Weaving an intricately emotional narrative through multiple genres, Dean’s extraordinary lyricism effortlessly captures the wide spectrum of human sentiment unlike any of his contemporaries. The allure of the 90s R&B sound impressed itself upon Dean and changed the course of his musical trajectory forever. In 2013, he scored his first songwriting hit in the form of VIXX’s “Voodoo Doll.” The song soared to #1 on Billboard’s K-Pop charts. That same year, he also wrote “Black Pearl” by EXO. The album that the song was featured on (Growl) would go on to sell over one million units.

Dean worked with hip hop artist Keith Ape whose single “It G Ma” boasts 7.5 million Youtube views. It wasn’t long before Motown artist Mila J caught wind of Dean’s musical cultivation in Los Angeles and sought him out for a collaboration. The result is “Here and Now,” a track that exemplifies his affinity for the smooth and sexy throwback 90s R&B sound embroidered with UK garage elements. Produced by 2xxx!, the track “Here And Now,” underscores the dynamic hybridization of styles that is guaranteed to define Dean’s individual musical style. Songwriter and recording artist Eric Bellinger who co-wrote Beyonce Knowles’ smash hit “Halo” also caught wind of Dean’s musical magnetic field, allowing himself to be pulled into a collaboration with the wunderkind. The fruit of their harmonious labor is evidenced in “I’m Not Sorry,” a vibrant hip hop/ R&B club track with an undercurrent of DJ influences. music video for the song was recently filmed in Los Angeles.

Dean says, “I’m more concerned with crafting a sound unique to me as an artist. Blending the elements of 90s R&B, hip hop, EDM, garage, indie rock. I want to construct a future R&B sound. There are lots of legendary artists like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Michael Jackson, the one thing that their work has in common is that it accurately reflects the times like no other artists can do. I want to capture the same exact sentiment in my own music. I want people to listen back to my music in the same way and be impacted.”

And with an immense wealth of talent, moxie, artistic range, relentless hustle, and that ever elusive X factor on all four fronts, Dean is certain to be one of 2015‘s most talked about artists cementing the future of R&B music.

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@knowledge1993 feat. @OnlyChrisRivers & @SadatX – “Block Boys” (Prod. by @therealesmitty)

From the great state of Texas emerging Emcee/Lyricist Knowledgeable Intellect brings you his debut single “Block Boys” featuring Chris Rivers, Sadat X & production from Atlanta beatsmith E. Smitty.

“I really felt like the album needed another record for the streets on it. I wanted to bring glory to it but still make something that knocked in the trunk. When I reached out to E. Smitty to produce it I also asked him to grab some features. He reached out to Sadat X & Chris Rivers. The rest is history” – Knowledgeable Intellect.

“Block Boys” is available on iTunes now. The full album, Knowledge Is Power, is set to release August 25th 2015.

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