@AWKWORDrap feat. @Wordsworth_eMC, @AaronCohenRap, @joellortiz & @ksparkstv – “Go!” (NYC Remix)

Brown Bag All-Stars member The Audible Doctor remixes the hit World View single “Go!”, now featuring NYC heavy-hitters Wordsworth, Aaron Cohen and K. Sparks, in addition to Joell Ortiz and AWKWORD. The original Domingo-produced single features Ortiz, Slug of Atmosphere and vocalist Maya Azucena. Both versions very notable and earworthy.

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VIDEO: @HasanSalaam feat. Kendal Good – “Like Silence”

New Jersey rapper Hasan Salaam presents the Christopher St. George-directed music video for “Like Silence”, his new Kendal Good-produced single from Life In Black & White, Hasan’s Viper Records full-length out now featuring Immortal Technique, Maya Azucena and Drue Davis as well as production from Snowgoons, DJ Static, Denny Carson, Remot, dj INSITE, Hezekiah, Beatnick Dee, Crossbone T, Southpaw, and Douglas G. Simpson & Kareem Knight of the Aqua League. Videos have also been released for “Father’s Day” and “OGJM”. Hasan has performed live on NBC, Fuse, CSPAN and PBS. All profits from his 2012 EP, Music Is My Weapon were used towards his “It Takes A Village” project which funded a school, clean water well, and medical clinic in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. A community organizer, he works with troubled youth, and helps run a monthly food and clothing drive in Jersey City, N.J.

Hasan has taught “The Socio-Political Importance of Black Music in American Society”, a self-created lecture, at universities across the country. Also a master fetish trainer and sex educator, he speaks at shelters – specifically to abused women – helping them reintroduce sensuality back in their lives. Hasan is a Sexpert blogger for Calexotics, a sexual wellness and novelty website, and recently founded his own erotica/fetish company, Sensual Noire/Jet Setting Jasmine (set to present at this year’s FetCon), as well as opening his first fitness studio, Body Altitudes, in Florida. After touring with Brother Ali and Immortal Technique, Hasan Salaam was signed to Viper Records. Hasan is currently touring Palestine and holding hiphop workshops with local youth.

Life In Black & White is out now on iTunes.



@COVERGIRL Announces Star Wars Makeup Collection

This is a nerd alert for just us lady fans and I’m really stoked that this is happening.

On September 4th, Cover Girl cosmetics will be releasing a limited edition Star Wars collection to commemorate the December 18th release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The collection will include both Jedi and Sith-inspired palettes to make any girl feel like being with the Force or joining the Dark Side for the day.  In the meantime, images are being spotted on several Star Wars fan-based websites, giving us their own spoiler alert on what will be the most highly anticipated makeup collection to be flying off shelves.

So which side will you be on?

Check out what’s in store on their tumblr page.

semi hendrix

@SemiHendrix1 – “#4081”

People have been asking for this whole time, “Who is Semi Hendrix?”

Semi Hendrix is a hip hop duo from whereabouts unknown and they decided to let a loose single out into the wild today called “#4081”. The song debuted this morning on Shade 45’s Sway In The Morning on Sirius/XM Radio. Anyone familiar with the classic Tribe joint “Check the Rhime” (4080) gets the reference and this is worthy progeny.


Magick Single Art

@IAmSevenHues – “Magick”

The saying goes that it’s all in a name Seven “Digit” Hues is proving that point. This monster talent has unlocked the beast with the release of his new single,”Magick”.

In 2008, Digit popped on the scene as a unique indie artist out of Atlanta, GA where he worked with platinum producers such as UNI Productions and Young JUVE. His first single, “Hi, I’m the Monster” landed over 25,000 views on YouTube, his track “We Call it the Good Life, landed Digit his first recording deal with E1/Royal Bloodline. His latest offering “Magick” explores how he was able to transform my life through the manifestation of MAGICK. Laced over a hypnotic track produced by Marsad Men the spell has been cast.

According to Digit, Magick is the ability to transform your own universe by either way of manipulating energy, yoga, meditation or super sexual experience. Shifting ourselves back to OURSELVES.



Meres One of @5PointzNYC Creates Sean Price Mural In Brooklyn, Friends & Fans Share Memories

“Use your head for more than a hat rack.” – Sean Price

On August 8th, veteran rapper and Boot Camp Clik member Sean Price has transitioned in his sleep early morning. No one knows the cause of his death, but friends, family and fans from all over were shocked and devastated by the news for he was one of Brooklyn’s beloved and respected emcees. He is survived by his wife and three children.

Sean, known to most of his friends as Ruck, was one half of the underground hip hop supergroup, Heltah Skeltah along with his band mate, Rockness Monstah. Sean first came on the scene being featured on “Cession at the Doghille” from Smif-N- Wessun’s Dah Shinin album, which spawned 3 Heltah Skeltah albums, 3 solo albums, and a bevy of featured artist appearances.

On August 9th, former 5 Pointz owner and legendary graffiti artist Meres One traveled to Bed-Stuy on the corner of Bergen Street & Kingston Avenue and created a mural in honor of the late emcee. “Sean Price inspired me and represents to me what true hip hop is about,” he explained on Instagram. “He came to 5 Pointz and supported our cause. He was also a close friend of Dready Kruger & Mic Handz, and for them alone, I wanted to do this. Meeting his family and his fans was a confirmation, if needed, that he was so deserving of this tribute not only as an artist, but also foremost, as a man. We should not wait to lose our true heroes to recognize and value them.”

Some people came to watch and share memories of Sean, some passer-bys came, took pictures and left vigils, but all paid homage and participated in what will be now a part of hip hop history.

General Steele leaves a candlelight vigil

General Steele leaves a candlelight vigil

“Me and Sean was in Massachusetts for 2 weeks straight just going in, show after show. No sleep. Sean is family. He’s a real good dude. When we got out there, he was going through a little chamber, I was going through a little chamber, we build and everything, got our greenery on, smoke, hit the studio back to back. His work ethic is sick! Sean and I go back about over 25 years, so we seen each other get up there in the industry from like the beginning stages, you know? So when I found out what happened to him, it took me somewhere where I didn’t need to be. My people just set up 10 shows for him and my other people was gonna link up with him. It was about to be something real crazy because Sean was about to come out with another EP, so it’s really bugged out. He was like ‘Dungeon, we about to go get this money’ and it is what it is. That’s my dude. It was always good times with him. And the last time I’ve seen him, he have came out to Massachusetts and I came out and all. He just finished doing a big show with my peoples. I had to do some other shit, so we linked up and got so fucked up, it was ridiculous. We were just chillin’ It was always a good time when I’m with him.” – Dungeon Master, Brooklyn Zu

“I remember the show at Santos Party House when we got into a conversation about music and he asked me ‘Do you rhyme?’ I said ‘yeah’ and he asked to hear me rock at first I was nervous and he looked at me and said ‘That look you just gave me…I don’t know if you’re nervous but you’re from the hood. There is none of that. Either do it or don’t. Nothing to think about. Just rock.’ So I did and his words after were ‘Man where the fuck you been all this time?Me and Rock was looking for a style with a raspy deep voice’ and I said ‘Jerz’ and here comes the funny part: He said ‘Man I thought Redman was bullshitting me about Jerz.’ and I asked “What u meant by that?” and he said “I didn’t expect a nigga with glasses and a style like yours to be from Jerz and to tell you the truth Red’s the hottest thing from Jerz until I heard you”. My face dropped cause I turned around Red Rock and Evil Dee was standing there and Red said ‘Where in Jerz are you from?’ I said Hoboken and he said “Not anymore. You’re from Newark.” and Ruck said “Hoboken?” I said “Yeah” and he said “Damn, I never heard of a place called Hoboken.” and Red said “Me either and I’m from Jerz.” Then we had a cypher and from then on we stood in touch. Now my soul hurts cuz he recognized me and believe me that dude changed my spirit! I’m gonna miss my dude for over 13yrs. SLEEP EASY TILL WE MEET AGAIN!!!!!!!!” – Wyze O Matic, Go-Illa


“Even though Sean P and I never met face to face, I felt like I known him well. All the stories I heard from his folks about him, from studio sessions, music, and just regular life. It’s crazy that I come from Philly being as young as I am, and got to be around folks that are legends in hip hop. Your legacy inspired me to be great in hip hop. One love and rest in peace.” – Koncreat, Philly, PA.

“On tour with Sean, I was driving the van, P is in the passenger seat, his wife is sitting behind me, DJ Ready Cee, EL Gant & Shabaam is in the back. I drove all night after a show in Baltimore headed back to NYC and I had to pull over I was falling asleep at the wheel. Sean stared yelling “what are we doing? What are we doing?” as he woke from a nap he was taking. he asked that question repeatedly until I woke up and drove the rest of the way.” – Klan Destine, longtime friend.

“I basically think it’s important to remember everybody. Special people, especially special people with talent. It’s apparent that Sean had talent and we want to make sure he is not forgotten.” – Ken, WPIX 11

“I love him and that is my brother. That’s all.” – Illa Ghee, Emcee

“Sean (Price) was a very humble human being. A man of many talents. I’ll always remember him for his witty word play and powerful punchlines, his humble demeanor as a person, and his ability to make people laugh. An all around respectable man. R.I.P. SEAN PRICE” – Tony Bones, Emcee, Minneapolis, MN.

If you would like to donate to the family of Sean Price, donations will be taken at the Crowdrise website.

Check out Meres One’s Instagram for more murals and projects. 



@SKAM2 – The SKRONIK: Flying Monkey Murder Cirkus

SKAM2? is a double-threat of musical and visual artistry, not to mention a seasoned vet, having recorded with such influential lyricists as, Eminem, Raekwon The Chef (Wu-Tang Clan), Ill Bill (La Coka Nostra) and Talib Kweli. He’s also played an integral role in the artwork for such albums as Eminem’s “Slim Shady LP”, D-12′s, “Devil’s Night” and A Tribe Called Quest’s “Beats, Rhymes and Life”, to name a few. Known worldwide for his classically, sinister illustrations, his music is the perfect counterpart. SKAM2? is truly is an artist in every sense of the word, with the unique ability to sonically paint the most vivid or darkest of scenes and then turn around and show it to you.

SKAM2’s lastest project, The SKRONIK: Flying Monkey Murder Cirkus, focuses on his skewed views, his love of Rock and Rap, and his illustrator’s eye for detail that come across in his lyrics on the DJ Immortal-mixed LP. The 19-track LP includes featured guests such as La Coka Nostra’s Ill Bill on “Rebel Road”, Dead Prez’s M-1 on “Definition”, The Romantic Era and production by Kevin Rudolf, SKAM2? himself and YMCMB producer Infamous. This industry outsider is holding his own party, where individuality, skill, and theme are heralded. At a time when everyone is clawing to be on your screen and in your face, SKAM2’s circus is an ear-grabbing carnival for the ears, the mind, and the imagination.