July 3, 2011 – Blue Marlin Ibiza

Today, I really didn’t do much of anything except some household chores, admin work and sleep, but it was a beautiful night to party and what better way to do it than to celebrate at Blue Marlin Ibiza, the island’s #1 exclusive hotspot.

For those who are unfamiliar with Blue Marlin, it is an exclusive beach club that sits on the Cala Jandal Bay in Southwest Ibiza, but this place is more than just a club. They hold villas, an exclusive Mediterranean restaurant, and a designer fashion boutique, whose designers are displayed during their beach fashion shows. You can also swim in the bay and get some relaxing massages there, as well!

When I got there, this club had over 1K + patrons who wanted to just dance, drink, eat and have a good time. They even accepted kids there!

Barbara, my new friend Franco Moiraghi and I were greeted by some of the staff there, including the General Manager of the Blue Marlin, Mattia Ulivieri, who somehow reminded me of a very young Richard Gere…I’m coming to find out that half of the people on the island looks similar to some Hollywood actors and actresses.

Barbara did her performance along with two hot DJs: Bruce Hill & Vidal Rodriguez, who turned the crowd out and upside down with some funky house and electronic music, as well as a touch of old school r&b. After the performance, we all got something to eat at the restaurant and may I suggest their huge and tasty shrimp tempura with some lemon mousse combined with red fruits for dessert. The whole combo was scrumptious!

We all conversed for a minute and left shortly, but I do not mind visiting this breath-taking place again. A very special thanks to Matthia and the wonderful staff of Blue marlin for their hospitality! I had an awesome time!

For more info on Blue Marlin Ibiza, click on the image above.


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