June 24, 2011 – Milan/Bergamo

Milan, such a beautful place.

I have arrived there around 8:45 in the morning (that’s 2:45 in the morning for you westerners) after sitting on the plane for 8 hours. It was a great and smooth ride and I finally got to see The Adjustment Bureau, which was a decent movie.

At the airport, there were some friends of Barbara waiting for her and I, a nice Italian couple by the names of Enrico & Cristiana, both who run Italy’s Enjoy TV. They drove Barbara and I to a little town called Bergamo, which is an hour away from Milan. Our hotel stay was at this nice and upscale place called the Winter Garden Hotel, where they gave complimentary food, drinks and wine the whole day. I had my own room, and Il Scotti, their inhouse restaurant, wasn’t that bad either. The food there is so fresh and I had the best filet of beef ever. I had to get some rest and a (heavenly) shower because that flight took a lot outta me.

I later on I helped Barbara get ready for her performance at this hotspot called The Setai Club, which is formerly Fluid. The place was an outdoor club in the summer with a huge pool and inhouse club dancers who dressed up as fantasy girls. It was packed and the vibe was awesome and they carried $1000 bottles of  Moet. Now that’s bottle service for ya…

Since I was on the job, it was no drinks for me, so I opted for some pineapple juice instead since they don’t carry cranberry.

Since I was her DJ for the night, I got to set her up for her songs. The resident DJ there was being a bit arrogant, but Barbara was not having that. She wanted her DJ on when she wanted to. Luckily it was a misunderstanding. After the show, we all chilled out until our time to leave. There, I got to chat with some friends and got more rest.


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