June 25, 2011 – Naples

My view of Naples

The flight to Naples was nice, but OMG!! The desect was horrible! I thought I was gonna toss my ever loving cookies on the plane! I was happy to get off when it landed.

After waiting for what seemed like forever on baggage check, Barbara and I met up with a guy named Tony, an agent who is a genuinely nice person with a lot of business smarts. We also had a driver, I forgot what his name was, but he was cool and was also a speed demon on the road.

We got to our destination at the Hotel Paradiso in downtown Naples, which ironically, sat on top of the city. Naples is a city of many hills ( it reminded me of how the South Bronx looks like, especially on the West Side) and happy-go-lucky motor scooters, whose drivers acted like you would get bonus points for hitting them; the way they were careening in between moving cars. We were located near Capri Island, which had an old castle by the waterfront. The view is awesome.

Regina Margherita

At the restaurant, one of Barbara’s closest friends met up with us, a funky and spunky woman named Mary, who is also a singer in the city. I had to say this lady was gorgeous, she had all the boys turning their heads, but her personality took the cake. She had to be a comic at heart. There, we had dinner and everyone listened to Barbara and her words of wisdom and mentoring. We were so fixated on the powerful words she had to say.

Club Voga

I got to Voga and did the sound check. The club was all white and had a huge disco ball in mid air. The staff thought I was Barbara herself and I found that funny. I went back to the hotel to shower and change and by the time I got back there, the place was packed; over 1,000 sexy and dressed up people to be exact, just to see Barbara perform and she turned it out. We left straight after the performance and relaxed in our hotel rooms to prepare for the next day.


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