June 28, 2011 – Eivissa/Ibiza

I have finally made it to the main destination and holy sugarsnaps! Words cannot describe this place. It is too beautiful, especially the view from my room! This place is definitely Pacha City; they got Pacha billboards and advertisements, hell, they even got a monthly magazine!

Before we were shown the residency, we were greeted at the front door by a spunky German lady named Karen, who helped us with our bags and shot the breeze with us. She is originally from Germany, but has lived in Ibiza for years. We spoke about how other countries are feeling the recession as well. I was surprised to see that it just wasn’t us Americans that are feeling the crunch. Karen showed us the apartment and I have my own bedroom, bathroom and terrace which overlooked the beach.

I got settled in and one of Barbara’s good friends, Roberto, invited us out to dinner at his Indian restaurant that was 4 blocks away from us. Roberto is a riot and had me laughing through out the whole time there. So we all ate and conversed and was joined later by a pretty African Dutch girl named Elia, who had more personality than I did by the way she spoke. Roberto informed me that his restaurant will be THE hangout spot, the office spot, and etc. I believe him too. We stayed for about 4 hours there and went back home, where I finally unpacked.

I can only hope to see where this whole journey will take me…


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