Peep Show Wars – Manny Delvalle vs. J. Ira

The first Peep Show War! Young Manny Delvalle won last week’s competition against challenger Cambatta on Kontrol Magazine. Manny’s vocals and dance moves won his victory last week but this week he goes up against R&B crooner J. Ira. Keep your votes up for Manny at!

Manny Delvalle – Like Yesterday

J. Ira – Love Doctor


Peep Show: Manny Delvalle – Like Yesterday

17 years old and cute as a button, Philly native Manny Delvalle is ready to step in stride as the next pop idol. Already a college radio staple and internet sensation, but first started out as a Silver Gloves boxer until he, with a little help of family and friends, decided a change from sports to music. Manny was raised by his father, whom he credits as one of the first people to notice his singing capabilities. “When my father heard me singing at home one day,” he explains. “He decided boxing wasn’t the answer, singing was.” 

Spending a majority of his time in studio after studio, he recorded 10 songs altogether and took his talent to many stages, doing 5 or 6 shows a week. After some triumphs and disappointments with some industry labels, it was investment banker and CEO of Heavy Green Entertainment Charles Perez who has taken the young man under his wing, combining his technical business savvy with his high propensity for music to strategically shape Manny’s career.

He recalls Brian McKnight, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown and the incomparable Michael Jackson as his influences . “I haven’t achieved 1% of his [Michael Jackson] success,” he says. “But I see many parallels between our lives that inspire me to push forward with my dream and career and fight against all odds.”

Manny is currently working with R&B crooner The Dream, has sang to Braxtons Family Values star Tamar Braxton and is in talks with Def Jam for a recording deal and with that, Manny is ready to offer his brand of popular music to the world. “I want to stand out as Manny Delvalle.” He says. “My music is very upbeat, fun, and full of life. I use the trials and tribulations of my past to spin it to a positive light. Life is mental; it’s what you make of it.”

His new single “Like Yesterday”, produced by Melvin“Official” Watson and The Phantom Boyz, is currently in rotation and is now available on iTunes. In the meantime, you can check out the hot video here on the Peep Show.

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